Monday, October 03, 2005

Manny's Playoff Picks '05

That time of year again:

Angels over Yankees in 4 - Angels gave the Yanks lots of trouble this year, except for those two sloppy games in August. LA is red-hot and will not screw up like that again. Plus, LA has better pitching, more speed than the Junkees, and better D. I think they'll do very well against Mussina and Chacon.

Red Sox over White Sox in 5 - this will be a close one, but I think Boston will get just enough pitching to prevail. Manny and Papi are the difference-makers here.

ALCS: Angels over Red Sox in 6 - The Red Sox are a very flawed team (especially in the pen), and those flaws will catch up to them eventually. I say that will happen in the ALCS.

Astros over Braves in 5 -good matchup, but Clemens, Pettitte, and Oswalt are the guys you want in a short series. Plus, I don't like the Braves' pen.

Cardinals over Padres in 4 - maybe Peavy can win a game, but otherwise, they're no match for St. Louis.

NLCS: Cardinals over Astros in 6 - should be thrilling like last year, but the Astros will miss the '04 heroics of Beltran.

World Series: Cardinals over Angels in 6 -should be a fun matchup as David Eckstein meets his former 'mates, but the Angels are not as good as the Red Sox were in '04. LaRussa gets his first ring since '89.


allitalian said...

What you need in a postseason pen is BALLS... nobody has more balls than Mike Timlin - you've seen what he can do when he's pissed off, not to meantion Papplebon is hot as shit... another BAD ASS Motherfucker who can turn it on.
The bullpen assurity isn't deep but I always loved Myers... and don't expect Francona to go with anyone we shouldn't trust out there like he has in the past.

Bronson will go 1 or 2 innings if necessary but I don't see that happening in the first round against the Angels... he's the balls out of the pen too

Anonymous said...

correct that (against the chisox not angels)