Monday, October 03, 2005

Playoff Picture the Way I Like It

I'll try to be optimistic here and say that the matchups look better to me now than the alternatives. In other words, I'm glad Cleveland didn't make it - they'd likely play the Junkees at some point, and they'd likely have the "we're so excited to be here" attitude, which the Angels do not. I'm not thrilled that other than Vlad, nobody in the Anaheim lineup really scares you, but they have decent pitching, a great bullpen, and they're an aggressive team. Hopefully they expose the Junkee outfield defense, and do what they did in 2002. They have homefield, which is nice, so we'll see what happens.

Had they played the White Sox, again, I'd be nervous, because the White Sox live and die by their pitching. Their offense doesn't do anything for me, so the Angels are really their best opponent as far as I'm concerned.

In the Sox vs. Sox series, I have to root for Boston only because they have a better chance than Chicago at beating the Junkees in the ALCS.

In the NL, I suppose I have to root for Houston, because their pitchers can beat the Junkees. Clemens and Pettitte will have something to prove, so it's them, but if not, then the Cardinals.

Of course, if the Angels oust Old York, I can just sit back and enjoy, and feel happy for whichever team wins.

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