Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Goodbye Ca$hman?

A teary-eyed Brian Cashman didn't confirm that he was leaving last night, but heck, seeing the guy get all emotional is pretty unusual. Maybe those were tears of joy, as he would no longer have to kiss up to his Boss, King George.

I've already documented the dubious legacy of the Ca$hman reign in two pieces last year (click here and here), and although the pieces are from '04, the buffoon didn't add much to his resume in '05.

Aaron Small? The Yanks got lucky. Even Cashman admitted it to one reporter. Shawn Chacon? As the Despiser noted after the trade, it was one of those "nothing to lose" deals. If Chacon would've turned out like Leiter, Nomo, or Tim Redding, nobody would've blamed Cashman for getting the guy. After all, he didn't give anything up for him, Colorado couldn't wait to get rid of his large contract, and the Yanks were desperate for anything they could get at the time. Chien-Ming Wang? If Cashman would've gotten someone who's been healthy the past few years, instead the injury-prone Wright, nobody in New York would ever had heard of the guy.

Ca$hman's other moves are definitely nothing to talk about. Randy Johnson deserves some credit for being lights-out in September, but no credit for getting lit up in October. I'd rather see Schilling out there. And that relief performance last night? Too little, too late.

We said from day one that Pavano and Wright would be disasters in NY. I have a feeling the Junkees will try to trade Pavano in the offseason. I can see Nationals GM Jim Bowden as the kind of guy that would go for him, especially with their pitchers' park and a return to the NL.

Leiter was good for a start against Boston and for getting Erstad out, but nothing else. Except for making Junkee games go excruciatingly long whenever he started.

The bullpen was a mess, as always. Getting Stanton was a dumb move; Embree was even dumber. And then there was the annual parade of scrubs, like Groom, Proctor, Franklin, and Felix Rodriguez.

Matt Lawton couldn't buy a hit in New York, except for one big homer. Bellhorn was just a PR move, and it showed. Tino had a good May, and was a non-factor after that.

And Tony Womack was probably the worst signing the Yankees have made since the infamous Dave Collins "Bronx Burners" signing following the '81 season.

Even Cashman's best move of '04 blew up in his face this year, as Tanyon Sturtze was overused by Snorre, and ended up being useless down the stretch. Yankee fans have long stopped talking about the guy.

My prediction is that the Phillies, like the O's with Mazilli and the Mets with Randolph, will fall for the Yankee mystique. Cashman will take over Ed Wade's spot. And I'd love to see how that buffoon does with half the payroll he had in New York.


Anonymous said...

Admit it.Your super team faced a superior pitching staff also.Why didn't superman Schill pitch your last game if he is so great.Maybe his big mouth full of hot air could have kept all the hits off the White Sox bats

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget going back to game 4 last fall right thru this series how ARod was 4 for 34 and no RBI's in this series. Every team Alex has left has gotten better, so peddle him off he is nothing more then a soft player, no balls and bats, a poster child that squats when he tinkles, he will never be a Yankee and he is done in NY after this performance. It's a shame ARod wins the MVP, because he is nothing more then a player that excells vs triple A pitching through out the year. Now why resign Matsuckie......go get a real hitter like Manny? I know George likes that money from overseas, but please. And I am so sick of hearing what a great manager Torre is, he has a 208 million dollar payroll to most 30-100, he hasnt won anything in 5 years, should had been axed last fall after that bogus bs vs Boston, George should bring in Sweet Lou and bring back the Bronx Bombers!!! If Torre would had sealed up home field advantage aweek ago, who knows where we would be. Clean house, get rid of the fat, get a manager who fires up the troops, instead of Torre ball that is built for Little League, that get'em the next time mentality doesnt fly and if I was kicking out 200 plus million heads would roll.

mouse said...

To the first "anonymous" a little FYI: It is true that 99.99% of Red Sox fans hate the Yankees. BUT, not everyone who hates the Yankees is also a Red Sox fan. One of my best friends is a die-hard Rangers fan and he hates the Yanks at least as much as I do, if not more (and I am a Red Sox fan). It's not wise to assume that just because someone is a Yankee hater, he or she is a Red Sox fan as well, because it's simply not true.

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