Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Leiter, Junkees Fall to Tribe

So much for the Junkee strategy of taking any pitcher who gets released. Leiter showed why he should have hung 'em up two years ago. Mad Dog Russo was right when he said that Leiter was shot.

The Junkees almost pulled it off, down 6-1, scoring 4, but they fell short this time, unlike in the Angels series, when they should have been swept, but Anaheim was sloppy, so New York stole a couple.

Now it's looking as if making the playoffs is no sure thing. They have no reliable starters (even Mussina hasn't been great), as Randy Johnson has not found any consistency. One good start, one bad one. Two good, one bad. Three good, two bad. That's been Randy's MO this season. Mussina has been better than he's been in previous years, but you still can't trust him. The Al Leiters are going to have Al Leiter type starts, so if I were a Junkee fan, I'd wait till 2006.


mouse said...

If the season ended today, October would be officially Yankee-free.

Here's to hoping Boston can maintain a hold on the AL East (since Baltimore seems to officially be washed up) and that Oakland or the Angels can shove the Yanks further out of the wild card standings. I believe in a Yankee-free October!

Michael Leggett said...

Al Leiter's Post-Season, will be in the FOX Booth.