Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another Bullpen Beauty

Joe Snorre is an idiot. That says it all. He takes out Aaron Small from the rotation - the starter who's pitched most consistently lately - and leaves in Al Leiter, who always works with a high pitch count, thereby taxing the pen, and that's what happened tonight.

Leiter was through after 5, so they turned it over to Small. The guy stunk tonight, Embree was his usual self (did the Red Sox know what they were doing when they dumped him? I think so), and Sturtze is way over his hot streak. Funny how I don't hear Sterling go on and on about the greatness of the Grand Tanyon anymore. And the Junkees can't run Rivera and Gordon out there every night, so the scrubs give away another one.

Again, I can't complain. Sure, a Red Sox win and an Oakland victory would make this one hell of a night, but this is beautiful. And now they can shut up about Aaron Small.

Granted, the Devil Rays had their share of luck over the last two games, but the Junkees always seem to lead the league in luck, so it's only fair. We're closer to a Yankee-free October!


Michael Leggett said...

Well, the Junkees are in Chicago this weekend, & will be spinning wheels, as Tampa Bay winning 2/3, usually puts Junkees in a bind.

Manny Ortiz said...

I wonder if Yankee fans are still crazy about Torre. Clueless Joe has messed up many times this year, and the Small/Leiter fiasco may be his most boneheaded move as Yankee manager.

phil said...

Check out this interview with Red Sox announcer Carl Beane:

RSN: Do you announce all players the same, or does anyone get special treatment?

CB: It's always the same, with one exception: Derek Jeter. I pause just a little longer between the Derek and the Jeter. He knows it, too. After one game, he came up to me in the clubhouse and said, "I know why you do that. You do it so they can boo me twice." I admitted that it was true, and the next night when I did it, he looked up at me and nodded. But it's funny, there are players who get more boos than he does. ARod and Sheffield get it worse. Jeter's boos aren't vicious, they're more like Mantle-boos. He's booed out of respect.

phil said...

The White Sox finally win one, and the Red Sox split the series with Annaheim, so the Yanks are again behind four games, trailing Oakland in the wildcard, and only ahead of Cleveland (who've won four in a row) by one thousandth of a point.

Worse ways to end a weekend.