Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Contreras Tells Yanks Where To Go

What a long, strange trip it's been for Contreras. There was the whole Yankees/Red Sox competition in trying to get him, culminating in the Yanks winning out, the famous "evil empire" line by Lucchino, and George making up stories about Theo Epstein. Then Contreras starts pitching for the Junkees, beats the Tigers and Devil Rays, and gets rocked by the Red Sox and any other half-decent team out there. The Junkees get fed up, ship him out for Loaiza, and Contreras does decently for the White Sox. Then, last night, first time facing his old team, Contreras is lights out. Sweet!

In the end, though, it was pickup of the year Alan Embree making the difference in the game, giving up a big HR to Konerko. Too bad the Junkees gave up on Damaso Marte, a much better lefty than Embree. But it was worth it, just for Enrique Wilson, right?

A thrilling Red Sox win puts the Junkees 4 1/2 back. And the Junkees and the Indians are both 3 1/2 out of the wild card.

Anyone notice the Mets (3 back) are closer to the wild card than the Yanks?

-- I'm counting on the White Sox to help bring back the real Aaron Small today. Gotta do better than they did against Chacon.

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