Wednesday, August 10, 2005

George Bashes Snorre

Yankee despisers have felt, for years, that Snorre is overrated. Apparently, George agrees. He said, "I'm not pleased with the manager. I don't know why they kept the left-hander in there. ... He should never have pitched to Konerko. Konerko's their best hitter."

He's right! Alas, there was no Junkee magic in Tuesday night's 2-1 loss to the White Sox. When they rallied in the ninth, it reminded me of a hundred games I'd seen over the years, except when Bernie lined out to end it, the result was different.

And I don't want to hear any whining about injuries now that Old Man Johnson will miss another start. The Red Sox were prepared for injuries and the like, with Wade Miller in waiting, Bronson Arroyo stepping in for Shilling.... And that's with a payroll $70 million less than Old York's. Besides, the way RJ was pitching, did you really want him out there? I know I do, but right now, he's the 4th best starter on the Junkees. And don't be shocked if we don't see Carl Panavo out for a year or two. Gotta love it!


Manny Ortiz said...

And again, the injured players on the Yankees came to the team with prior health concerns. This rash of injuries is no fluke.

Brown lives on the DL, and the way he pitches when he's healthy, Yankee fans root for him to stay on the DL (like Mets fans with Kaz Matsui). Johnson is 41, and as recently as '03 had serious injury issues. Pavano has had multiple shoulder issues in years past, although he was healthy in '03 and '04. Jaret Wright was injured for YEARS till '04. And even Wang had some shoulder issues in the minors, missing a season due to surgery.

Ruben Sierra? The guy's 39. Can you really expect him to stay healthy all year. And Bernie's nagging injuries are no surprise, especially since the guy was on the DL every year even in his prime.

The only injury which was totally unexpected: Felix Rodriguez doing like Goose Gossage and getting injured in the shower, albeit under far different circumstances.

But aside from that, Cashman knew what he was getting himself into when he got these guys. And right now, it's all blowing up in his face.

mouse said...

Serves him right. It's one thing to take a risk on a player with injury history, but it's another thing to stack your entire pitching rotation with guys like that. A guy as experienced as Cashman should know better, but since he didn't, no pity for him.

Alan Embree, meanwhile, is secretly an agent for the Red Sox, subtlely working to undermine any Yankee hopes of making the postseason. And so far, he's doing his job.

phil said...

Rivera loses the game for the Yanks in the tenth inning after giving up a triple. Even their "good" pitchers are throwing games away.

Blaha said...

This is great, the Yankees crap pitchers are pitching good and their offense can't do anything. Hopefully the soon go back to pitching like they're supposed to.