Thursday, August 25, 2005

Inconsistent Moose Does It Again

For all the money this guy is making, the Yankees deserve more. The guy's making more than guys like Dontrelle Willis and Chris Carpenter, who almost always guarantee a win when they get out there. And Moose is making more than ex-teammate Andy Pettitte, who's also more reliable. And getting blown out against the Blue Jays, who have simply stunk the past few nights, made Moose's outing even more of an embarrassment.

When it comes down to it, even the biggest Yankee hater has to admit that Mussina is undoubtedly one of the better pitchers in the league. But is he a big-time starter? Not anymore. Not with an ERA north of 4.00. And no, you don't pay someone $19 million just to be one of the better starters of the game. You pay that kind of money for someone of at least all-star caliber. And Moose has not been on that level for the Junkees this year.

No Yankee fan can look back at Mussina's signing without at least a tinge of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, Moose's signing wasn't as disastrous as the Junkees getting Johnson, Brown, or Pavano. But everyone expected more from the guy.

--- Last night's Junkee loss, Tribe loss, and A's win puts everyone again in a three-way tie for the wild card lead. The A's have to get hot again. And the Indians aren't the friggin' Yankees: they have no excuse for getting their butts kicked by the AAA-Rays. C'mon!


Manny Ortiz said...

This one's for you, pizzabagel (courtesy of Jayson Stark): Since Opening Day 2002, Steve Trachsel has a lower ERA than Mussina.

PizzaBagel said...

Thanks, Manny, for throwing me that bone. My belief is that my Mets - despite their recent offensive outburst - won't be landing the NL wildcard berth. It's no skin off my apple. I continue to concentrate my efforts into sending bad vibes to the Bronx Bummers. We'll see how they fare against KC this weekend. All the worst to 'em!

Anonymous said...

that trachsel comparison is a little unfair. trachel pitches in the NL and doesnt have to face tough teams such as the sox often. and you figure with his 1.38 WHIP (higher than mussina's) that #9 batter would drive his ERA up a good amount.

moost is a big game pitcher. stellar ERA in september and the playoffs. and remember that 2003 relief appearance against the red sox?

Anonymous said...


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Manny Ortiz said...

re: mussina vs. trachsel

- one area where mussina and trachsel aren't close: salary. Mussina is making at least double what Trachsel is making; and no, Moose is not twice as good as Trachsel. And in my opinion, it's more about Moose being a disappointment (especially at $19 mil) than Trachsel being a bargain.

- as for Mussina being a big-game pitcher: I'll give you Game 3 of the '01 ALDS, but aside from that, he hasn't done a whole lot in the postseason. Heck, the Junkees haven't won it all since Moose came.

- As for game 7 of the '03 ALCS, I always say that if not for Grady Little, the Junkees would've gone home after that game. So it's hard for me to give mUssina credit for that appearance.