Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Juice-On Again?

With the news about Palmeiro bringing steroids back to the forefront, it's time for some speculation.

The Giambaby has done a complete 180 over the past few months, going from Mario Mendoza to Mickey Mantle, the last Yankee to hit 14 HR in a month. Suddenly, Giambi has become that feared MVP-level hitter the Yanks encountered back in 2001. Maybe even better. How does that happen? Did he suddenly just get more confident? A lot more confident? Is Donnie Baseball that good? And why has the Tino Martinez fadeaway not happened yet?

After Giambi BS apology about nothing a few months ago, who knows. It's time for more speculation. Besides, BALCO's designer steroids, undetectable in baseball's testing, should prevent Giambi from having an embarrassing moment like Palmeiro. Maybe instead of going back to AAA in May, Giambi went back to the juice. And with designer steroids, can we really know whether Giambi is on the stuff? We can't.

The way Yankee fans are treating the guy, you'd think he'd have come clean. Remember when the BALCO grand jury testimony leaks came out in the offseason? Yankee fans were ready to kill the guy. Do these fans really know whether Giambi is off the juice? I doubt it. And I doubt they care.


Anonymous said...

Sheffield, too.

Coop said...

Hey Manny, most Yankee fans I know are of the ilk that either they a.) don't care, b.) want to win at all costs or c.) think he's back on the juice. But in a combination of all three of the above, they don't care, so long as they win. Rat bastards. No integrity at all.