Monday, February 28, 2005

Sheff - Mondesi II

After Gary Sheffield has hit the back page of the Post again, now refusing to partake in some team functions and YES interviews, I think it's fair to say this is Raul Mondesi redux.

When the Yanks got Mondesi in middle of '02, everyone was worried about how that classless jerk would fit into the Yankees clubhouse. After all, Toronto had traded the guy for a can of beans after his fight with then-manager Carlos Tosca. And for the rest of '02, Mondesi seemed to behave himself. He couldn't hit much, but stil had one of the best outfield arms in baseball.

And in '03, Mondesi starting wearing out his welcome. And the last straw came when Mondesi left a game early in middle of July. The Yankees were so fed up that they, too, gave the ex-All Star to Arizona for a couple of no-names, David Delucci and Brad Prinz.

Sheff kept his mouth shut last year, and put up much better numbers than Mondesi. And I wouldn't be surprised if Sheff puts up such numbers again this year. But now, his true colors are starting to show. Can you say "clubhouse cancer"?

And with Sheff's production, the Junkees won't want to dump him like with Mondesi. Things are starting to get real interesting.

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