Monday, February 07, 2005

Nobody Hates the Patriots

So much for the argument that the salary cap prevents dynasties. That's what the Junkee fans like to claim as to why a salary cap would be bad for baseball. But the Patriots proved otherwise.

There are tons of Yankee haters out there. As I've said before, an ESPN poll last October found 88 percent of fans rooting for the Red Sox to beat the Yankees.

So why don't people hate the Patriots as well? They seem to win every year....

Because in the NFL, the salary cap makes it possible for every team to compete and have a chance to win it all. If they don't, it's lousy management, bad coaching, or underachieving. So how can you hate New England? They didn't cheat; they don't have an unfair advantage.

The Junkees, on the other hand, have an unfair advantage, and their spending makes it impossible for some teams to compete. That's why people hate the Yankees but don't hate the Patriots. And I hope Mr. Selig realizes that a salary cap does not mean the end of dynasties.


Matt said...

People do hate the Patriots!
New England's love affair with being the underdog died the day the sox won. New England fans can't understand that they are the favorite and therefore are the hated team. For them they have always been able to use the crutch of the underdog but that ship has now sailed. People don't like the Patriots simply because they win and in America the underdog is our hero. New England is now about as special as Anaheim California and the Angles. It just sickens a New England fan because no one can feel sorry for them now. They have become what they despise an evil empire.

KJ said...


(1) Is the lack of a salary cap in baseball really giving the Yankees an insurmountable advantage? When was the last time they won the World Series? And where do the Sawks rank among big spenders? And how 'bout them billion dollar Mets? All that money flying around hasn't done squat for them.

(2) We can hate the Patriots because at this point they are shoving their blue-collar, vomit-inducing, fake modesty in our collective faces. Tom Brady could not be any more PC with his media answers. Gee, do you think he's making plans for a future in politics? I can picture Ted Kennedy campaigning for him now, giving him fatherly advice like "if you're all boozed up, er ah, keep it in your pants" or "watch out for the lakes around here." And I think we saw some of the true character of the Patriots in the Superbowl when they mocked TO (whom I despise) every time they scored.

Anonymous said...

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