Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Same Old Sheff

So, Gary Sheffield has made headlines today for ripping Jason Giambi. Gee, why am I not surprised? Okay, last year Sheffield kept his mouth shut, played through pain, and was arguably the MVP of the Yankees. But this is the same Gary Sheffield who's had an attitude throughout his career, and had his infamous tirade in LA, complaining about not being paid enough. And considering this news, considering Sheffield's age, and considering the fact that he's off the "clear" and the "cream," I believe this is the beginning of Sheffield's wearing out his welcome as a New York Yankee.

And again, this is a sign of perhaps the worst chemistry of any Yankee team in the Joe Snorre era. I mean, pitchers and catchers just started and already you have one Yankee ripping a teammate. And this just won't help the sensitive Jason Giambi in attempting to come back under as much scrutiny as anyone in baseball today. Just wait till Johnson or Brown crack up.

Let's examine some of Sheff's wisdom:

On Giambi: "As his teammates, we want to win and we have to support him."

Gee, and your other statements are a fine gesture of support. What a great teammate, Sheff.

On himself: "I put my numbers with anybody. Wherever I have been there has never been a player better than me."

Guess Sheff has been hanging out with Reggie Jackson too much. But the comparison ends there. While Mr. October put together one of baseball's most clutch performances in Game 6 of the '77 World Series, Sheff's bat fell asleep as part of baseball's biggest choke effort in the '04 ALCS. Put your money where your mouth is, Sheff.

And I'm sure A-Schmuck is glad to hear that you are the better player. That comment will go over real well with him and his small ego.

(Speaking of A-Schmuck, kudos to Trot Nixon for speaking the truth on A-Schmuck. Trot doesn't have A-Schmuck's numbers, but as he proved in Game 3 of the '03 ALDS, he'll get the hits when they count. When was A-Schmuck's last clutch hit? Swatting the ball out of Arroyo's hand? What a loser.)

One more point: When I was a Yankee fan, my favorite player was the classy Paul O'Neill. Too bad his RF position has been supplanted by two of the biggest jerks in the game, Raul Mondesi and Gary Sheffield. Maybe Cashman ought to pursue another attidude-ful Dodger to help Bernie out. I think Milton Bradley would be a perfect fit with the Yankees' chemistry right about now.

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Jere said...

You say he kept his mouth shut, but remember, last year, right as the season was about to start, he started whining and complaining.