Friday, January 14, 2005

Yankees: Done for Offseason?

George has an itchy trigger finger - he loves making deals just for the sake of making deals. Yet it seems as if the Junkees have nothing more to do - they have all their positions filled, even backup catcher, and their pitching staff, so George has to sit it out until April. Sure, he'll try to get rid of Brown, but until now there've been no takers; what makes him think that teams will suddenly jump on the Brown bandwagon?

So this is their team. As Manny Ortiz pointed out the other day, a rusty 1B/DH combo borne of PR, a second baseman who could easily revert back to 2003 form, a shortstop whose numbers are constantly declining, a third baseman who misses playing in a hitter's park, a left fielder who's pretty good, a center fielder whose defense has gone south (as has his offense), a right fielder with a barking shoulder, a catcher whose offense ain't what it used to be, and a pitching staff with question marks all over.

What I think is fascinating is Mariano Rivera. Okay, so he blew the save in Game 4 of the ALCS, which is not terrible, but overall, he's not what he used to be. Who knows - this may be the season where he breaks down. You never know.

Yankee despisers keep hope alive!

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