Tuesday, January 11, 2005

These Are Not Your Late '90's Yankees

I don't care who they try to bring back anymore. Mike Stanton won't cut it. Bringing back Tino is just a gimmick. I don't care if they have Luis Sojo coaching, or whoever. The days of classy players like O'Neill and Brosius playing for the Yanks are over. Much as the Yanks were ever-so-hateable during the dynasty days, you had to admit they were a classy team. Sure there were exceptions, like Wade "I'll Get My 3000 Hits Elsewhere" Boggs, David Wells, Darryl, etc. But now, the team is full of jerks. And the Big Jerk fits right in with the likes of A-Schmuck, Brown, and Sheffield.

If the Red Sox are a bunch of idiots, then the Yankees are a bunch of jerks. And the Big Jerk looks like he'll enjoy New York about as much as Jose Contreras and Eddie Whitson did. And unlike the idiots, the jerks have yet to win a thing.

One more point: to the Yankee fan salivating over Opening Day with Wells v. Johnson: I guess when your team pulls off the biggest choke in October, all you have to look forward to is April. Enjoy the thrills of the regular season, including those incredible games against the Devil Rays and Blue Jays. See ya in October.


Anonymous said...

Ah good..

I see the David Wells thing hit a sore spot. Don't worry though, the guy who once said "I'd like to burn Fenway down" is now your ACE! Be excited...

And what are you talkin about, like your boys don't ALSO play 19 incredible games against the Rays and Jays... Shoot, without them there you probably wouldn't have made it far enough to gloat about the ALCS.

What I find really funny is you still bringing up the ALCS over and over. But the year before, when the Yankees beat the Sox, all you heard from Sox fans was "That's in the past!!" I love hypocrisy, it makes things so much better.

Good luck with that nasty Wells, Clement starting 2 there big guy!

PizzaBagel said...

The Inscrutable Sphinx, aka "Mr. Torre," had better make sure that the lockers of the Big Eunuch and Frowny Brownie are on direct opposite sides of the Stinkee clubhouse. He wouldn't want these two "Fists of Fury" to try and figure out first-hand (pardon the pun) which one of them has the nastier attitude when the chips are down. I love the way the team's chemistry is turning out. Very good. You know what? No rings for you!