Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jason Giambi's 2005 Season: .225, 10, 40

No, it wasn't me making that prediction; it was Buster Olney of ESPN. He sees Giambi having a real tough go facing all the jeers and hecklers from the visiting stadiums, not to mention the Junkee fans if he indeed stinks up the joint.

So the Junkees will employ Tino at first, but how will they feel when he hits .270, 15, 80, which is decent for a middle infielder, but for a first baseman? And is he the guy you want up against Matt Clement in Game 6 of the '05 ALCS? Manny and I have already written about how washed up Tino is, and how the Junkees got him only for PR, and who knows - maybe my projected numbers are generous; he could do worse.

I bet the Junkees will regret not signing Carlos Delgado. They need a power first baseman, and they ended up with a guy that nobody else would have taken.

Okay, so they'll still score a ton from the other positions, but the less stability, the better.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you still have that Bitter Boston Face? Your team won it all last year. You got everything to smile about. Let go of the decades of finishing second to the "Team Of The Century". Maybe you just gearing up the the future decades of finishing behind the all mighty Yanks.