Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yankee Fans: Scared of Mets?

With the Mets spending some dough, they're going to be better than in 2004. It's not like they can get much worse anyway, but my question is, how are the Junkee fans taking it?

Now this has nothing to do with my being a Mets fan. If you gave me a contract that said that the Mets would not win another World Series for the next hundred years, but neither will the Yankees, I would sign it RIGHT NOW!

But say the Mets have a 90-win season this year, raid the free agent market in '06 and make the postseason, win a World Series or two over the next five years, who knows? It may be 1986 all over again, when the Mets ruled New York and the Yankees were an afterthought.

We all know that the Junkee fans take pride in the Mets stinking up the joint over the past few years, and like the fact that they own New York. But the Mets still have a loyal fan base, so a couple of good seasons (and not 1999 with Derek Bell and Benny Agbyani in the outfield) and who knows - maybe the Mets steal the back pages.

The Yankee fans are shaking in their boots knowing that the Mets are on their way up. We'll wait and see.

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