Monday, January 10, 2005

Selig's Tax Dollars at Work

Well, the Schmets have beaten the Yankees in getting Carlos Beltran. And unlike Pedro, this is not a player the Yankees didn't want. Beltran is no prima donna and doesn't carry the injury risk that Pedro does. Not to mention the fact that he's 6 years younger than Martinez. Till a few weeks ago, the Yankees had their eye on Beltran. They wanted him bad. But when the reality of the luxury tax set in, the Yanks balked.

Before last season, Jayson Stark wrote about the potential impact the 2002 CBA would have on the Yankees down the road: "Now we're not accountants. And we don't want to be accountants when we grow up. But by our calculations, that means the Yankees' revenue-sharing and tax bills this year will be over $80 million. Within two years, they'll no doubt blow past $100 million.
That's $100 million over and above their payroll, which could be more than $200 million. There is only one franchise on earth that wouldn't be phased by that kind of I.O.U. And let's just say it sure isn't the Devil Rays. "

Perhaps Jayson was a bit off on this one. The Yanks got cheap here.

And without Beltran, the Yankees' offense starts to look a bit suspect. First base- an old man Tino brought back for PR, and steroid-addled Jason Giambi who they're stuck with- that's bad news.

Tony Womack is a BIG question mark at second base. I still can't figure out why George didn't go for Kent or Nomar. No one can tell me Womack is better. Gotta be due to the tax, too.

They still have Jeter and his incredible intangibles, athough the Yanks sure could use a few more tangibles from Derek.

A-Schmuck is still pretty good, but he clearly misses the friendly confines of Texas's hitters' park.

Shemp Matsui is consistent in left. But CF with Bernie is a disaster. He's done. And at 36, Sheffield isn't getting younger or healthier. Another oldie in Ruben Sierra will still get you a big hit once in a while, but isn't reliable.

The Yankees' pitching may have improved over the winter, but their offense, which was dead for the last 4 games of the ALCS, has not. Okay, they got rid of Tony Clark -- addition by subtraction. But the Junkees sure could've used Beltran. Thanks, Mr. Selig.


The Yankee Despiser said...

I bet when Sheffield is out for the year after injuring his shoulder in April, the Junkees will cry that injuries kept them from winning it all, even though they knowingly signed a bunch of old men.

allitalian said...

before Yankee fans in denial say it I'm gonna have to say it...

"the yankees weren't going for beltran"
- that's bullshit and you know it.

"we got johnson"
- yeah good luck with that.

The Mets are nuts, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

You guys hold on to whatever it is that allows you to keep hope.

Just because the biggest thing you managed all offseason was to sign David Wells.. yea, good luck with that.

Ooening Night: David Wells v Randy Johnson, I bet that makes ya feel REAL good doesn't it?

The Yankee Despiser said...

Actually, it does.