Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who's Left? Yankee Lefty Specialists in the Dynasty Years

'96 - Steve "a true Junkee" Howe
Paul Gibson (6.23 ERA)
Billy Brewer (9.53 ERA)
Dale Polley (7.89 ERA)
Graeme Lloyd

'97-'02: The Stanton era (1)
'99 -- Allen Watson comes aboard (ex-Met, Queens native, what could be better!)
Tony (36.00 ERA) Fossas
'00 - One of my all-time faves, Randy Choate, comes along
Allen (10.23 ERA) Watson jumps the shark
Cups of coffee for Kiesler, Lilly, and Yarnall

'03 -Chris (better against righties) Hammond
Randy (7.36 ERA) Choate
Gabe White
Felix Heredia
Jesse Orosco

'04 - Felix (6.28 ERA) Heredia
Gabe (8.27 ERA) White
Another favorite, C.J. Nitkowski
Donovan Osborne (more of a mop-up man, but still)

'05 -Mike (7.07) Stanton (II)
Buddy Groom
Alan Embree
Wayne Franklin
Al Leiter

'06 - Mike Myers
Ron Villone

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