Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another New Poll

Although 2005 ends on a bad note for Yankee haters, with the Damon signing and all, it was still a great year for Yankee haters. It was a year that featured an awful start by the Junkees, embarrassing losses to awful teams, new faces that quickly got old, and, best of all, an early October exit for the Junkees.

What was your highlight of 2005? With so many to choose from, this is not an easy poll. And if your highlight isn't up here, cast a write-in vote by leaving a comment to this post saying what YOUR highlight of the 2005 Yankees season was.


mouse said...

For pure humiliation, the sweep by the Royals ranks number one in my book. A team that lost 100 regular season games actually managed to sweep the almighty was priceless. I still laugh when I think about it.

A good list. Everything on it could qualify as a classic Yankee hater moment. It's nice to know that even if the Yankees tied for the division win, they still managed to embarrass themselves a great deal over the course of the season.

Other favorite moments not on the list: the two 17-1 drubbings handed out by the Red Sox, Eduardo Perez's homerun off of Rivera that eventually led to a D-Ray's come from behind victory, numerous other losses to the Rays, and the game against the White Sox where the Unit gave up four homeruns in one inning. Great stuff.

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