Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Junkees Getting Serious on Damon and Nomar?

Jon Heyman has the details on the Damon situation, while George King says Garciaparra might take over for Juice-on Giambi at first. And if Giambi's 1B/DH-splits are meaningful -- I think they're not; Giambi mostly DHed early in the year, when Tino was hot and playing first while Juice-on was suffering from withdrawal symptoms -- this might be pretty good for Yankee haters.

In other developments, the Junkees say they plan on keeping Pavano. They probably should do what Boston did with Renteria and ship the guy back to the NL, but considering the Junkees have seven starters for next year, they can always throw Pavano into a mop-up role in case he stinks up the joint. And of course, the Yankees are no stranger to having overpaid stinkers in a mop-up role.

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