Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Who Cares About Spring Training, Except....

I'm sure all the Yankee fans are excited about winning last night, as well as Jason Giambi's home run. I guess when you can't win the ones that count in October, you may as well get excited about the meaningless games in March. And take after King George and panic at the slightest sign of Yankee struggles.

After the first game last week, a Yankee fan I know was getting all excited about "The Grand Tanyon" Sturtze's performance. As a Sox fan, I have no idea who's pitching which spring training game. And in no way do I care. These games are meaningless, unless you're one of those "Baseball America" types who like watching all the prospects. And for a Junkee fan, that must be torture, watching that wretched farm system in action. My concern in the exhibition season? I just hope and pray no one on the Sox gets injured, and wait till April to start watching the games.

And Jason Giambi's home run last night? Meaningless. This is spring training, and either he's facing minor league pitchers who have nothing or experienced pitchers usually toying around with some new pitch or something. Let's see Giambi get a big hit in October. The only ones that come to mind are his 2 HR in Game 7 of the '03 ALCS. And if not for Grady Little, those go down not meaning a whole lot (and even with Grady, all anyone remembers is Aaron Boone.) But of course, Yankee fans made a big deal about Giambi's April grand slam against the Twins in '02.

So if Winfield was Mr. May, I guess that makes Jason Giambi Mr. April. And maybe after last night's performance, he's graduated to Mr. March. Now let's see a meaningful performance from Giambi, post-juice.

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yankeestadium said...

You absolutely have the right to post what you think. Its only sad that your views are so schewed because you have your head up the Yankees ass. I think its funny that you post info about Spring Training games and no other Yankee blogger does. Real Yankee fans dont boast about March. We wait to ground your team into homeplate in October. See ya later...maybe WIld Card for you???