Friday, March 04, 2005

More Arrogance

From the NY Post:

March 4, 2005 -- TAMPA — It was the type of pageantry — and lineup — most major-league teams can't muster for a real Opening Day.
Even with Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield and Jorge Posada missing with injuries, the Yankees rung in the exhibition season in their kind of style yesterday.
Airborne parachutists brought the first ball into Legends Field. An enormous American flag was unfurled in center field before the national anthem, and fireworks exploded beyond right field.
And in a show of military might (and the franchise's clout), a flyover from two F-15 jets topped off the pre-game ceremony.

- These losers ought to give it a rest; it's a spring training game, dammit! Nobody cares, it's meaningless. These guys think they're God's gift or something. Pathetic.


yankeestadium said...

isnt it kind of sad that you care enough to even write about it. Yankees are AMERICA"S team ....there have been many articles written about it as well. Google it. Thats why GS spends the time to care about American and you dont

Manny Ortiz said...

Well, if that's the case, that these guys are America's team, that's pretty sad. A team that was the biggest embarrassment in sports history last October ought to lay low. And a team with BALCO boys, arrogant overpaid jerks, wall-punchers, and greedy crybabies is not a very good representation of America.

Besides, with a team called the "Nationals" playing in the capital of America, I think the Yanks should step aside. Granted, those guys have never won a championship, but they were never humiliated like the Yanks were last October.

And again, if this were Opening Day, I'd have no problem with it. It's the start of the regular season, you wanna make a ceremony out of it, that's cool. But to celebrate the start of the meaningless spring training season is just silly and arrogant. Let's see the Yanks win it all this year, then they can be act that way. But till then, they ought to chill.

PizzaBagel said...

What? They didn't have Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan sing "God Bless Ah-Meh-Ree-Kah"? Not even the eagle swooping down onto the field? Did the Big Stein cheap out?