Thursday, March 24, 2005

2005 Season: Let's Get It On!

As the biggest Yankee despiser on Planet Earth, you would think that I would want the offseason to last forever, to savor the 2004 ALCS collapse. Well, it was sweet (still is), but enough is enough - I want to see the Junkees embarrass themselves again in some meaningful games. I want to see Bernie Williams running back to the centerfield wall chasing balls that flew over his head. I want to see Randy Johnson and Kevin Brown sitting on the bench in their windbreakers waiting to come off the 15-day DL. I want to see Derek Jeter attempt those Rey Ordonez deep-in-the-hole throws to first only to have the ball sail into the seats. I want to see the Daily News discuss how Carl Pavano can't handle the pressure in the big city. I want to see a Peter Gammons report about how Jaret Wright misses Leo Mazzone. I want to see Shemp Matsui in an 0-48 slump, but Snorre refuses to bench him because of that meaningless 1300-game playing streak from Japan. I want to see Tony Womack come up to the plate in August with a .225 batting average and have Junkee fans rue the day they let Miguel Cairo get away. I want to see who this year's T. J. Nitkowski will be, a journeyman middle reliever picked up off the scrap heap because Mike Stanton can't record an out.

Oh, let the games begin.

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