Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Randy the Risk

A few columns ago, I predicted that the Big Jerk, Randy Johnson, would have a solid regular season, but break down come October. Everyone's making a big deal about his injury now, and I agree that it's being overblown. Perhaps this is a small injury that they're nursing because it's only spring training. And maybe after this Johnson will be totally healthy and pitch incredibly for the rest of the year.

But alternatively, maybe this is the start of an injury-riddled year for a pitcher who's had such years in the past. And maybe my prediction was a few months too late.

Everyone talks about RJ's incredible '04 numbers (including Randy himself), but let's not forget his injury-filled '03 campaign. And this guy isn't any younger than he was back in '03.

So my point is, Brian Cashman is no genius for getting this guy. And there's no guarantee that RJ will bring the championhip back to New York. There's no guarantee he'll be healthy come October. Okay, the trade was a big deal, but not worth getting too excited about. The guy's an injury risk. And he just proved that again yesterday.

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