Friday, April 27, 2007

Which Pitcher Will Snorre NOT Abuse?

Recently, I had planned to write a piece entitled "who will Snorre abuse this year?" in trying to figure out who would be the '07 version of Villone, Sturtze, or Quantrill. Apparently, it seems like those three are the only ones who Snorre plans to give any rest at all.

In the AL leaderboard for games pitched, the Yankees have 3 of the top 5 players: Myers, Proctor, and Luis Vizcaino (who has allowed a Heredia-esque 10 walks in 12 innings). Bruney is right behind with 12 appearances, and Sean Henn has appeared in 10 games so far. Snorre must like Farnsworthless - he's only pitched in 9 games. And of course, Snorre's promise not to use Rivera in the 8th inning lasted about as long as George's pledge to have Bob Lemon manage the entire 1982 season.

It seems like every night, another reliever has a bad night. Whether it's Proctor, Myers, Bruney, or Henn. And it's only April.

I know the Yankee fans will say that things will change when Mussina comes back, but I doubt it. Mussina has been inconsistent, and at 38, he's not gonna throw as many pitches as he used to. Wang is okay, but he gives up a lot of hits. And Igawa and Karstens? You have no idea what they'll give you.

Besides, as the pressure builds for the Yanks to get on a hot streak, you'll see Snorre going to the pen to try to lock up a win. He did that in Boston, and I think we'll see it again.

-- Phil Hughes provided no rest for the weary Yankee bullpen. He threw 91 pitches in less than 5 innings, and I told you they wouldn't leave Hughes out to dry. The Yanks could use a guy like Livan Hernandez, someone who can throw 175 pitches without a problem.

- Yankees-Red Sox again this weekend. Last weekend's series was a thriller, but I am not looking forward to Julian Tavarez on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your Mo essay tomorrow. Getting the hook mid inning down four runs and taking his ERA up to 12.15. . . what's not to love?