Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rays Can Hit

Even after Sunday night's debacle, Igawa managed to pitch worse than Dice-K. At least Igawa gave up fewer dingers than Chase Wright. Devil Rays beating the Yanks? Never gets old.

Tampa Bay is currently tied for 4th in the majors, with a team .272 clip. They're second in homers with 25 (the Yanks and Braves have 26 each). The Yanks can only beat the Rays if their pitching is decent. Otherwise, they've gotta try to outscore them and win 11-10.

In '05, the Rays batted .274, third-best in the game. Their record against the Yankees? 11-8. Even with a 6.04 ERA against New York.

Last season, they hit .255, tied with Houston for worst in the game. Against the Yanks, they went 5-13.

If the Yankee pitching doesn't improve, and if Young, Dukes, Baldelli, etc. can keep progressing, the Rays will not be a doormat this year. Should be fun.

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