Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Slow Down, Sterling

I was listening to the game for a short while last night, and Sterling and Waldman couldn't shut up about how good Chase Wright was. The kicker was when Sterling said "it looks like he will factor into the Yankees plans for years to come."

I've long since learned not to take Sterling seriously, but this is ridculous. Anyone remember Sam Militello? In 1992, he made his debut for the Yankees, and gave up one hit in 7 innings against Boston. They were raving about him. He ended up winning just 4 games in the big leagues.

Besides, I didn't think Wright's start was anything special. Granted, he got the win, but he gave up 3 runs, 5 hits, 3 walks, and had a Leiter-esque 104 pitches after 5 innings. A good debut, but nothing to go crazy about.

For all I know, Chase Wright might turn out to be a solid pitcher, and have a great career. But let's wait until we have a larger sample size before making that determination.

- Kei Igawa goes tonight, facing Jeremy Sowers.

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