Monday, March 06, 2006

By George, Spring Matters

My take on the flap over George apologizing for his players going to the WBC? Get over yourself, Steinbrenner.

I've already given my take on the WBC. It's a dumb, dumb idea. But who cares about spring training, either? Maybe some people go to Florida, get some autographs, whatever. But the games are meaningless, and the stars are usually done by the 6th inning (at least till the end of month). And that's why no other team has thought to apologize. Fans going to San Diego camp will miss Jake Peavy. And Red Sox fans won't be seeing Jason Varitek. But why bother apologizing? It's spring training. Nobody really cares, anyway. Aside from the Yankee fans getting horny over Damon's two hits, baseball fans don't look at the boxscores and numbers till Opening Day.

To me, George is saying two things: a) spring training matters to me. A lot. and b) We're the Yankees, the one team that people actually wanna see during the spring. So we have to apologize. Never mind that no one else is apologizing, or should, for that matter.

And at a certain point, it's not worth bitching about the WBC. Now it's just too late. This silly idea is underway, and you hope and pray that the players for your team don't get injured. And at this point, why bother complaining? Selig's not going to change his mind. And George's players are already part of Team USA. If George had a problem with the whole deal, he shouldn't have let his players go. Perhaps the younger and nuttier George of the 1980's would've done something like that. But to complain now? As my father would say, get over it!

In a nutshell, George is just being selfish and egotistical. What else is new?

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Rebecca said...

actually I think he's being a spoiled little child. all his money, and he couldn't make the wbc go away *stomp, stomp* poor baby. it's obvious from his tone that he's trying to influence his fans into feeling the same way, since this pressure tactic didn't work on his players.