Monday, March 20, 2006

Yanks Pursuing Clemens, Again

You knew this was coming: the Yanks are after Roger Clemens.

I think there's more urgency than there was a few months ago (when the rumors started), with Pavano and Small on the shelf. But unlike in the past, the Yanks will not be able to blow past everyone with money. Clemens has his family on his mind, and New York is much further from home than Arlington or Houston. But if Clemens wants the cash, then get ready for another "here we go again" moment.

And with Wells staying in Boston, I don't see the Sox getting too serious about Clemens. They already have seven guys who can start.

But if Clemens does go to the Yanks, I just hope he has another bad postseason. This time in pinstripes.

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mouse said...

Well, Boston just traded a pitcher for an ex-Yankee prospect. Kinda funny. I doubt this clears space for the Rocket to return to the Sox, but one never knows.

I think Rahjah is more likely to retire. Or he'll go back to Houston in May/June. At 44, I think even he realizes that he isn't durable enough to pitch a full season anymore.

I bet the Yanks really wish they could land him, though. Their starters are having all sorts of problems already (like any smart person already predicted they would).