Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Calm Before The Storm

Everyone is talking about how quiet things are in Yankee-land. George is happier than ever, and is yukking it up with Snorre and Cashman. Damon seems to be fitting in nicely, and Johnson and Moose have been quiet. The only guy to pop off has been Sheffield (what else is new). Perhaps the Yanks, after seeing the circus that was the Red Sox offseason, are trying to look like the ones who have it all together. Maybe George is still beaming after grabbing away Damon.

There's also a feeling of bravado in Yankees camp. One columnist said he hadn't seen the Yankees like this since 1998. Time to get scared, folks?

I say, wait till the exhibition games begin. George takes spring training more seriously than anyone else. If the Yanks start struggling then, the old George will come back. And take control. And come April, if the Yanks have a slow start like last year, George will get mad.

So until the Yankees win 114 games this season (or 125 according to Michael Kay), there's no reason for Yankee fans to party like it's 1998.


alex said...

we discussed the possibility of giambi being on roids again...but he was tested after the season and came up clean.

Manny Ortiz said...

ever heard of HGH?