Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kiss and Make Up?

A report in today's Newark Star-Ledger mentions that Pettitte does not rule out a return to the Yanks after his contract ends this year.

A lot of Yankee fans really miss Pettitte. Between seeing Brown and Vazquez lead their team to their biggest choke ever in 2004, and seeing Pettitte lead the Astros to the World Series in 2005, the guy is missed in New York. And all the potential Pettitte replacements - Vazquez, Pavano, Wright - simply have been disasters.

The Yankees, in an effort to make up for the botched negotiations they made after the '03 season, will make Pettitte an offer he can't refuse. They'll be willing to pay him anything, just to bring him back to the Bronx. It's clearer and clearer that pitching for the Yankees is not for everyone, so to find someone with the mettle to handle New York is quite a precious commodity.

This, of course, will all hinge upon whether Pettitte will still be miffed at the how the Yanks treated him in '03. From the way Pettitte sounded, it seemed like he wasn't too peeved at the Yanks. But, if he really loves Houston, he seems like the kind of guy that would stay there. Then again, Johnny Damon said he would never come to New York. Pettitte, however, does strike me as more of a genuine and sincere guy than Damon.

I would love to see Pettitte go to Boston, just to piss off all the Yankee fans. And if not that, how about going to Shea, Andy? Your kid already has the cap (as George let you know), so you may as well just join the team.

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