Friday, September 07, 2007

Not Looking Good

Yanks pulled off an impressive series against Seattle, and now stand 3 up in the wild card. Seattle looks done, and their lack of pitching caught up to them.

- What scares me most is, the Yanks have the easiest schedule of the three wild-card contenders. Let's have a look:

-3 at KC
3 at Toronto
3 at. Boston
3 vs. Baltimore
3 vs. Toronto
3 at TB
3 at Baltimore

In the second half, the Yanks have gone 6-1 vs. KC and 5-2 vs. Toronto. Baltimore has beaten them in two series, but the O's look dead right now. Aside from Boston, Yanks have it easy the rest of the way.

3 at Detroit
3 vs. A's
4 at TB
3 at A's
4 at LA
4 vs. Cleveland
3 vs. Texas
The Mariners have three tough series, and the rest isn't too bad. (They're 10-3 vs. Beane's team this year.) Although the way Seattle has been playing lately, even the A's might be a challenge.

3 vs. Seattle
1 vs. Toronto
3 vs. Texas
3 at Minnesota
3 at Cleveland
3 vs. KC
3 vs. Minnesota
3 at White Sox

The series vs. Seattle can go either way, and the rest isn't too bad, although Minny might be tough. Detroit has been 7-5 vs. the Twins so far, but they'll have to do better for the wild card.

Right now, I think Detroit has a much better shot of catching New York than Seattle. But with the Yankees having a soft schedule coming up, the Tigers will have to be red-hot. Otherwise, we'll have to hope for another 1st-round embarrassment by the Yankees.


eric gagne said...

I dont understand YOU are a redsox fan and your team is gonna win the division, ok i know u hate the yanks but heck your getting so into it. im a yankee fan and i hate the sox but i dont think or analize them 24-7. yup THATS WHAT REDSOX FANS ARE. DISGUSTED HATING LOWLIFES!

The RS Bat Boy said...

Don't let a Yankee fan discourage you! I love your site and if I had the time I'd have one just like it!

YES we are going to win the AL East and that's because we are the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

Yankee fans: California is waiting for you at home for the first round. You'll lose those 2 and then have to throw a AA pitcher (or Clemens, same thing) for game 3 and will get swept!

I just call them like I see them!

Y of D: Keep up the good work!

These Yankee fans can't handle the truth or a losing team!

eric gagne said...

Whoa RS BAT BOY you talk like the redsux are the team of the franchise YOU GUYS WON ONLY 1 CHAMPIONSHIP IN 80 YEARS! YOU HAVENT WON THE DIVISION SICNCE 95 AND YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT COLD LAST SEASON. so your on a little role this year, TAKE A CHILL

The RS Bat Boy said...

Whoa Gags,

No chill pill needed! I was waiting for the 26 rings and 86 years rant. That's all you have to hang your hat on? Were you alive to see any of those 26 rings? The real pride of the Yankees teams from fr*ggin 1954?? Not this group of "head hunt'in", "steroid take'in", "bush league'in" current edition of thi Yankee team. In the end, evil loses out and it looks like you've been losing for the past 7 years!

Oh and by the way. You're going to get swept by the MAD Blue Jays next 3 nights. They haven't forgotton about the last time the Yankees were at the Rogers Center in late May! Now your in their house and pay back's going to be a b* more ways than one!

Anonymous said...

You said sweep? Hold Your horses there, 1st game 9-2 yankees win

Scott said...

you guys are both bringin up some good points, but I gotta say rs bat boy wins the argument. Gagne you come in here trashing the sox fans but yet when it comes time to get in an argument right away your bringin up stats from the past and overlooking the fact that the Yankees are still behind the sox THIS SEASON! Whether its one championship or 30 you cant live in the past.

Not to mention A-Rod is 100% taking HGH..lucky for him it cant be detected, but when it does hahahaha that's all I gotta say.

Come find me here when your ready to really argue about this