Monday, September 03, 2007

Bats Slowing Down? - Mariners 7, Yankees 1

Clemens is gonna miss a start? What were the odds of that happening? After dominating the Red Sox last week, the 45-year old version of Roger Clemens came back. And Mussina didn't look much younger following him up. King Felix kept the Yankee bats at bay, and Seattle broke a losing streak with a big win.

Key here is, Seattle now can't lose much ground in the series. Even if the Yanks win the next two, they'll still be only 3 games out. Yanks now face a couple of must-win games, or else their October slot will once again be in jeopardy.

- In the past seven days, only one team has had a worse average than the Yanks (.235) - the Giants at .215. Key guys are struggling, such as Damon (4-last 24, .167), Abreu (4-25, .160), and Matsui (4-25). Cano had 2 homers in the Yanks win last Thursday, but aside from that, he's 2 for his last 21.

The Yankee bats were hot all summer, but it was inevitable that they'd slow down. And that just might doom their playoff hopes.

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The RS Bat Boy said...

The Yankees "World Series" last week against the Red Sox has over extended the team form NY. Busting a gut to win those 3 close games and now, in the long run, that's coming back to bite them in the a*s!!!!

The Red Sox made no BIG deal about that series and are now in position to win the division and sweep NY back when they come to Fenway in a week or so with no Roger (or an injured one at best), rookie pitchers from AA looking ho-hum and Moose Mussina!

Can't wait to have Joba in the house! Hey Head-Hunter: Welcome to Fenway!