Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Memo To Brian Cashman: Reverse The Curse

Hey Brian,

I hope 2006 is treating you well, as you enjoy your newfound control. With Sidney Ponson and Aaron Guiel as your big midseason acquisitions, you've stuck it to George pretty well. After all, if he had his way, he'd have put Reggie Sanders and Bobby Abreu in pinstripes long, long ago, while Phil Hughes would be rising through the Phillies' system.

I have a trade idea for you. It's a big deal, a huge one. One like you've done once before. It's like a trade you made that sent shockwaves across the country.

Trade A-Rod for Soriano. Just like in February 2004, but in reverse. Maybe you can give up Cano for Ryan Zimmerman, so you can have someone play third. Or maybe Frank Robinson will move A-Rod back to short, instead of using the erratic Felipe Lopez. And lock up Soriano long-term. The guy is still a potential 40-40 guy. For '07, you can even use him in LF and move Shemp to right.

Sure, you'll have to eat a ton of A-Rod's salary. But it's worth it. It's worth it before he turns into another Whitson, Knoblauch, Brown, Mondesi, and Pavano all rolled into one. Before you're truly desparate to get rid of the guy. Do it while his value's still up.

Besides, unlike the A-Schmuck, Sori can actually perform in October. If not for Mariano's implosion in '01, Sori's HR in game 7 of the '01 WS would've been one of the greatest shots in Yankee history, up there with moments like Leyritz, Reggie, etc. Instead, that 2-1 lead going into the 9th was the last happy moment for your club.

And we all know where A-Rod performs best: in last place! Thus, Washington would be a perfect fit. And Jim Bowden loves a splash, especially one that will grab away a whole bunch of Orioles fans. I'm sure he'd do the deal in a heartbeat.

And maybe this time, A-Rod for Soriano will work in your favor.

I hope you get to play lots of golf this October,
Manny Ortiz