Sunday, July 23, 2006

Big Series Win For Jays

I was worried about this series. After the whole Shea Hillebrand fiasco, I thought there would be a Jason Grimsley-esque effect on Toronto. Arizona couldn't win for about 2 weeks after that, and I was thoroughly expecting the Yanks to kick butt this weekend. But after Vernon Wells' walkoff shot off Charlie Brown, you knew Toronto was gonna survive. And survive they did.

They took full advantage of the weak Yankee pitching, teeing off of Jaret Wright, Ponson, and Kris Wilson. So far, Ponson is not looking like a Cashman genius move. Too bad the Sox stunk it up against Seattle.

- Great piece on Buster Olney's ESPN blog, comparing A-Rod's struggles to those of Chuck Knoblauch. I think in a year or two from now, the Yanks will try to trade away A-Rod. The guy clearly is unhappy in New York, and the Yanks may have to eat a lot of salary, but things are getting worse and worse for the A-Schmuck. Reggie Jackson he isn't.

- And with Wakefield now on the DL, the Red Sox have also had their fair share of injuries. I don't want to hear Yankee fans making excuses. The Sox have had Wells, Clement, and now Wakefield on the shelf. Not to mention Crisp and Wily Mo Pena missing significant amounts of team, as well as Foulke and Timlin serving stints on the DL. I'll concede that the Yanks' injuries had more of an impact, but the way some Yankee fans complain, you'd think all 25 players on the Red Sox roster were healthy. Come on.