Sunday, April 09, 2006

So Far, Same Old Story

When spring training started, everyone was all horny over the attitude in the Yankee clubhouse. "They're more hungry this year." "They're more relaxed." "Snorre and Cashman are happy again." "It feels like 1998."

I never got what the big fuss was all about. Aside from Damon, the Yankees didn't really improve the team over the offseason. And no, all those scrubs in the bullpen don't count. And last year's surprises of Small, Chacon, and Wang didn't mean a whole lot.

But after that first game, when they absolutely battered Barry Zito, I thought "wow, maybe all the pundits are right. Maybe the Yankees actually will score 1,000 runs this year." In the four games since that game, however, the Yanks haven't scored 15 runs altogether.

Having a good hitter like Damon on top of the hitter helps somewhat, but too many other guys in the lineup are struggling. You knew Posada and Bernie would suck. And Giambi's bat has slowed. Is BALCO gonna get another call in May? And Cano's batting .200. You can't get too excited about a rookie year. And I know it's only been a week, but you can't tell me for certain that Cano will heat up.

And right there, that's almost half the lineup. And guys like A-Schmuck and Sheff have, as usual, not gotten the big hits. Doesn't sound like a 1,000 run-scoring machine to me.

I have a feeling once the Yanks come home and face crappy teams like Baltimore and Tampa Bay, the hitting will heat up. So I'll enjoy this while I can.


mouse said...

Don't forget that Tampa Bay won the season series against the Yankees last year. Yeah, their pitching bites, but there's a lot of youth, speed and power on that team. Who knows? They could run circles around the Bronx Bombers all over again.

Baltimore still sucks, though.

Michael Leggett said...

It'll take another call to BALCO, to save GiamBALCO.