Thursday, April 06, 2006

Farns-worthless Screws Up; Snorre's Bonehead Move

I should've started an office pool for when Kyle Farns-worthless would start stinking it up as a Yankee. Well, if you picked the third game of the season, you're a winner! I clicked on the Yankee game after a night out last night, and as soon as I tuned in, I heard Thomas was up and Huston Street in the pen. Then came the John Sterling classic - "it is high, it is far, it is -- (awkward pause) -- off the wall! All three runs will score..." And just like that, it went from a 6-4 game to 9-4.

But we can't just blame Farnsworthless for this disaster. Jaret Wright gave up the triple to Bradley to begin the inning, and Cano picked up right where he left off last year. All throughout the spring, we heard about how the Yankees' new incredible coaching staff was going to turn Cano into a Gold Glove. Hasn't happened yet.

-- And after Tuesday's game, I was wondering, "why didn't Snorre put Rivera in there in the 9th?" Instead, the guy went to Scott Proctor. I still don't know what Snorre is horny over Proctor. The guy stinks. So why bring him in against a contender?

And I know what Yankee fans will say, "what do you mean, it's only April! Torre didn't want to wear Rivera out!" But hey, this is the regular season. And every game counts. And if the Yankees fall one game short of a playoff berth, the fans ought to look back at this game, which Joe Snorre botched up.

And for you ESPN Insiders, Rob Neyer agrees. In fact, in his latest book, he rips Snorre a new one for Game 5 of the '03 World Series, when Rivera was left unused. Instead, Weaver gave up a homer to Alex Gonzalez.

As Fred Hickman would say, those who forget their mistakes are condemned to repeat them.

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