Thursday, September 23, 2004

Red Sox Won, Yankees Lost

Are there any sweeter words in the English language? Is there anything sweeter than picking up the New York Post and seeing the sports' headline "'El' of a Loss?" Answer: No. It's sweeter than a Hershey's Kiss.

(a) El Duque finally lost. I was getting a little concerned that he was invincible, and seeing him get rocked is heart warming.

(b) On Wednesday, I turned on the TV to see the Yankees leading the Blue Jays 3-0. Oh, here we go again, I sighed, cursing Bud Selig and his lack of salary cap under my breath. So I turned it off and about an hour later caught the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth tied 6-6 with the O's. When they failed to score, I turned back to YES and they had just named Ted Lilly player of the game. YES! The $60 million Blue Jays just beat the $190 million Yankees! And that meant losing the series two games to one to Toronto. Losers...

(c) At about 11:45 I caught the top of the 12th when the Orioles had second and third with one out. I had to turn it off because I have a life. When I turned on the tube Thursday morning, I saw on the ESPN bottom line that the Red Sox beat the Orioles 7-6 in 12. Oh baby!

So the lead is back to 3.5 games, which doesn't bother me because the Red Sox are primed to make the playoffs anyway, and the Yanks may have to face a healthy Hudson, Mulder, and Zito. And Rich Harden is no slouch either. Let's pray that the Devil Rays can manufacture a couple of runs today and that the Orioles' Cabrera gets bombed.

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