Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Paul Quantrill: Done

I remember a few games in August when the Yankees were either blowing out the competition or getting blown out, and who comes in to pitch? Paul Qauntrill, the guy with the microscopic ERA in 2003 for the Dodgers, who enters Tuesday's game with a 4.73 ERA, having allowed 120 hits in 93.3 innings. Torre, the best manager in baseball according to delusional Yankee fans, used the guy so darn much early on that by now, his arm is dead. Last year his manager used him for 77 innings, which is about as much as you can use the guy. For some reason, though, Torre kept throwing Quantrill out there night after night, and now the guy is toast. Trust me - you will not see him in a big spot during the playoffs. With an 11.45 ERA during September, Torre doesn't trust him, and rightfully so.

So you'll have Gordon - who's also questionable - pitching three innings a game, and Mariano, and that's it. But Torre messed Quantrill up by overusing him! And no Yankee fan will admit it! Hey, I'm happy, because I know that if he had only pitched 77 innings he'd be in good form, but Torre made him pitch the most innings since '96 with the Blue Jays, when he was a starter. Now you'll tell me that it's Cashman's fault for not getting other decent relievers, which is true, but it wasn't like Torre used him only in close games, so to me, Torre is at fault just as much. Then again, even if the Junkee fans admit that it's Cashman's fault, they still call him the best GM in baseball, so go figure.


Manny Ortiz said...

For some reason, Torre is very high on Tanyon Sturtze.

The guy's awful!

But don't get me wrong. I'M all for Torre putting him in during a big game.

Victor The Talking Mule said...

The Talking Mule is a New Yorker but also despises the Yankees.

PizzaBagel said...

PizzaBagel's a NYer who hates the Jankees with a passion, too. We're not as few and far between as the press would like everyone to believe.