Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ca$hman Insults Bernie

The whole way the Junkees have handled the Bernie Williams situation is a disgrace. They're offering him a minor league deal, an invitation to Spring Training.... WTF?

If you want the guy, give him a contract and make him either the backup first baseman or the fourth outfielder. If you don't want the guy, then tell him listen pal, it was a great run, we appreciate all that you've done, but frankly, we have no use for you anymore, so good bye and good luck.

Instead, they create this assinine situation. So Ca$hman looks bad for leaving the guy hanging all this time, and Bernie looks bad because he hasn't ruled out playing, but he hasn't showed up either. Hey Williams, s--- or get off the pot! And now he leaves on bad terms, proving once again, that Jerome from Manhattan was right - Brian Ca$hman is a buffoon.

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