Friday, October 06, 2006

Randy Johnson Deja Vu

Where have we seen this before? The Yankees come into the ALDS as favorites, win game 1, and then struggle in Game 2. The team keeps failing in the clutch. They get bested by a superior bullpen. A-Rod can't buy a hit. And starting game 3 is Randy Johnson.

It's just like 2005, except this time Aaron Small is working at Wal-Mart.

Of course, those Angels didn't have Kenny Rogers.

Whatever it is, this is the first time since before the second Boston Massacre that, as a Yankee-hater, I'm excited. The Yanks are gonna keep getting hits, make no mistake. The key is to keep the runners stranded. Easier said than done, and a guy like Johnny Damon will occasionally jack one out of the park. But with a little help from A-Rod and Cano, the Tigers should be okay.

And I'll be rooting for some deja vu all over again.


mouse said...


Yankees are still without a championship in the 21st century. $1 billion dollars down the tubes and no rings to show for it.

There IS justice in the world!

Aaron fan said...

HEyu, be nice to aaron, he don't desevre a treatment like that!